Beat The Sun, Join The Indoor Fun

The summer is fun, but it is also HOT! There are some days where it’s nice to be outside, but some days you just have to get out of the sun. Here are three ways to stay out of the sun this summer.


Brutally Hot Sun

Indoor Gatherings For Friends

As the summer approaches, kids don’t see their friends as often as they would like. Before, they could just show up to school and see the friends they love to hang out with. That becomes tough during the summer for kids whose parents work during the day and can’t drive them around. This summer you should plan some indoor activities for the kids and their friends. This will keep them out of the brutal sun and will allow them to spend time with their friends. There are plenty of games and activities that can be planned inside and are enjoyable for kids.

Read With Your Kids

With the kids out of school they might not be required to do much reading. Reading is crucial for kids’ development. This summer is a great opportunity for you to spend time with your kids, prevent sunburns, and keep their brains active during the break. Reading with them shows kids that reading is a fun activity. Kids are encouraged to enjoy activities that their parents also enjoy.

Come Skate At Skateland

Skateland in Bradford, MA is home to your child’s fun this summer. As the sun beats down on the dry ground, bring your children into Skateland to enjoy roller skating in our beautiful rink, snacks from our snack bar, and exciting runs in our famous laser maze. Skating is a healthy activity that will keep your kids out of the sun and having fun. We have nice, cool air conditioning to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for all of our customers.

These ideas are sure to give your child their best summer yet. Contact us for more information about Skateland’s summer hours and rates.

Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

A child’s early years are crucial in their development. While they are in school, they are always learning and being engaged in critical thinking situations. When they hit the summer, however, it is often up to the parents to keep their minds active. Here are three ways to keep your child active both mentally and physically this summer.


Encourage Them To Read

Reading is very important for children. It is through reading that they develop many of their communication skills. Children that actively read often do better in both reading and writing in school. Encourage them to get on a reading schedule this summer. If they still are not about it, offer incentives. Every 30 minutes of reading you do is one scoop of ice cream. Or try reading as a family to make it more fun.

Have Them Help With Yard Work

It is normally in the summer season that your lawn requires the most attention. Have your children help you with lawn care responsibilities. This will get them out of the house and active. It will also help teach them about work ethic. As they complete a task, be sure to show them how appreciative you are for their hard work. Positive reinforcement will help develop a strong work ethic as they become more independent.

Encourage Fun Exercise

Exercise is crucial for children. They need to be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle. A huge part of that is staying active. It’s a good thing that there are so many sports and games to help kids enjoy exercising! One fun activities is roller skating at Skateland in Bradford, MA. There are so many health benefits associated with roller skating, it’s great for people of any age. Beyond that, it is a fun activity and can be done with friends.

Make this summer an active one for your child. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or seem like work. There are plenty of fun activities that will help kids live a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to come in to Skateland to get in some fun exercise, check us out on social media and contact us with any questions you may have.

How To Improve Your Skating Game

Roller-skating can be tough to learn as a beginner. Once you can stay on your wheels you might feel like a good skater. But what if you could advance further? There are plenty of tips and tricks to teach all skill levels of skaters. We will highlight them here so you can utilize them and reach your greatest potential as a roller-skater.


Beginners: don’t be discouraged. People were designed with feet so they could stand and walk on them. Why do we try to move on wheels? There are plenty of reasons. It is healthy, it is fun, and it is fast. One of the biggest pieces of advice we can offer is to listen to anybody that can skate. They have gotten past the point where you are now. They can stay on their skates without falling every time they move. They are confident that they can skate. This leads us to our next point. Have confidence in yourself. Confidence is key to staying on your feet. You have to have the confidence to try. If you don’t you will never stay on two skates.

Skaters: don’t be too proud to learn. Yes, you know how to skate. But what is keeping you from learning more about it and potentially teaching it? It is important to learn through other skaters at this point. Learn through challenging other people. As you see different skating moves you can try them yourself. Remember the courage and confidence it took to learn how to skate? It is important to keep that confidence so you can advance your skating abilities.

At Skateland in Bradford, MA we are willing to give you the place and resources to learn. As the summer approaches, make it your goal to become a better skater. We are willing to help you achieve your goals. Contact us by clicking here!

The Keys To Roller Skate Maintenance

Buying new roller-skates is an important milestone in a skater’s life. Before you purchase new roller skates it is important to understand the financial commitments associated with the process. In order to compare the different areas of upkeep associated with roller-skate we have to define them. One area is the exterior appearance of the skates, and the other is the physical condition of them.


The primary owners of roller-skates are within the child to teenager range of age. Something that is very important to that age range of kids is the physical appearance of their accessories. If skating is a major part of their lives, it is extremely important that they have the hottest, freshest skate accessories of any of their friends. Let’s say your white laces begin to turn dirty. They may not glow as well during black light skating. You will need to spend a little bit of money on replacement laces. If the boot of your skate becomes severely scuffed, you will probably have to pay to have the exterior of the boot cleaned off and refinished.

The physical condition of the skates is far more important than the exterior. If the physicality of the shoe fails, the skater will not be able to skate. Let’s say there is a significant tear in the boot. You would most likely have to replace the entire shoe portion of the skate. If the wheels become loose or shredded you will have to replace the wheels that are affected.

You must treat your skates like a car. If you want them to run smoothly and comfortably, you have to treat them well and replace the parts that are necessary to keep it running.