4 Roller Skating Etiquette Tips

poised woman - etiquetteWhen you step out onto the skating rink, there are several rules that you should know. They’ll help keep you safer and ensure that everyone has a great time. Follow these skating etiquette guidelines for safe and fun experience during your family’s next visit to Skateland.

DO: Watch out for beginners

The skating rink can be a fun place for everyone, from the youngest skater getting used to their first pair of wheels to the seasoned skating pro. But in order for this to work, everyone must be considerate of skaters with other skill levels. Much like traffic on the highway, slower skaters should skate on the right, towards the edge of the rink. Anyone who wants to go a bit faster should move to the left and skate closer to the center of the rink. Don’t weave around slower skaters, as this may startle them and cause them to fall.

DON’T: Skate in the opposite direction

Unless the DJ announces a reverse skate, skaters at Skateland usually move around the rink in a counter clockwise direction. It’s important for everyone to skate in the same direction. A skater traveling the opposite way can cause collisions, falls, and many near misses.

DO: Read the rules

While there are standard skating etiquette rules, Skateland has our own list of rules to help every skater have an awesome (and safe) time. If you have any questions about rules and guidelines at Skateland, don’t be afraid to ask.

DON’T: Leave your laces too loose

Loose skate laces and spinning wheels are not a good combination. Be sure to always tighten your skate’s laces so you do not cause yourself or your fellow skaters to trip. Tie them carefully to ensure that there are no long ends hanging out either.

7 Reasons to Skate after School

girl wearing backpackWith children coming home from school and often going straight from doing homework to playing video games or watching TV, it gets harder and harder to keep kids active. Things used to be different, when kids would turn off the TV and go adventuring with their friends through the neighborhood. These days, there aren’t a lot of things to do in terms of playing outside, so most kids tend to choose to inside with their screens. But there are a lot of great benefits to staying active after school. In fact, it’s something kids of all ages should be doing. Winter weather makes it even harder to encourage active play. Even organized sports don’t always help, since kids often spend half of practice just standing around. So how can you get them moving? For kids in Bradford, MA, you don’t have to look too far for the answer to that question. Bring the family to Skateland!

Roller skating is a great way for kids of all ages and fitness levels to get active after school. Skateland is a family-friendly place where kids can come with friends to have fun. What are some of the benefits of staying active after school?

1. Physical activity helps develop stronger bones and muscles in the body
2. Kids get better sleep after active play
3. Pysical fitness helps with weight control
4. Regular activities will help give kids a better outlook on life
5. Fitness helps kids to develop mentally, helping them do better in school
6. Skating teaches kids the value of leadership and teamwork
7. Active play helps kids build social skills

There are so many great reasons for kids to participate in a fun family activity like roller skating. If you want a great way for your child to stay active, bring them to Skateland!

Healthy Hearts, Happy Hearts

February is far more than a month for celebrating Valentine’s Day. It is also the month for promoting healthy and happy hearts. So go ahead and get heart eyes for the person you love, but don’t forget to have a heart for the heart inside your chest. After all, the person you love loves you too! Get some good, healthy exercise this month to show your heart some love.

raspberries in heart bowlThe perfect gift for Valentine’s Day isn’t at all about champagne, cute cards, and sweet treats. It’s about giving the gift of good health to yourself and those who love you. Put your heart first this American Heart Month. Small changes will make a big difference for the long term health of your heart. So make some small changes and reap major benefits. What are some simple things you can do to promote heart health?

  • Make a promise to eat healthier
  • Schedule a visit to your doctor to talk about better heart health
  • Get some form of regular exercise for yourself and family

Make heart health a top priority this February, not just for your own benefit, but also for that of your spouse and kids. Families who practice healthy heart habits together are better off in the long run!

What is a great family activity that’s also good exercise and tons of fun? A day of play at Skateland. Roller skating is good for the heart. It’s actually recommended by the American Heart Association as one of the top exercises for heart health! Skating can help you and yours cultivate healthy habits and burn calories. Roller skating workouts help you maximize your efforts in a fun way. Maximize your skating workout with weekly family skate days, skating warmups, and tips from our team on how to improve your skating workout. We’ll see you at the rink!

5 Facts You Don’t Know about Roller-Skating

Roller-skating has had a shaky history. Do you know the first thing that happened when John Joseph Merlin strapped on his newly-invented roller-skates? He crashed into a mirror in front of all his friends (he’d been trying to impress them at a party by roller-skating while playing the violin—a bad plan if you haven’t practiced first!). Wow your own friends with these fun facts about roller-skating (no bruises necessary).

5 Fun Facts about Roller-Skating

  1. invitationThe first recorded wedding on roller-skates took place in 1912 in Milwaukee. Hattie Baldwin and W. McGrath started a trend; today, hundreds of couples have said “I do” in skating centers around the world. And even more have shared dances on roller-skates after the main event.
  2. Trucks weren’t always around. In fact, skaters couldn’t turn until James Plimpton invented the roller-skate truck in 1863. Thanks, Mr. Plimpton!
  3. Everybody loves roller-skating! Beyoncé hosted her 21st birthday party at a roller-skating rink in her hometown. Prince had a pair of famous roller-skates, and celebs like Cher have also been photographed taking turns around the rink. Even the Amish love to roller-skate!
  4. About 12% of indoor skaters hit the rink more than 100 times each year. 20% go between 31 and 99 times annually.
  5. Serving food on skates isn’t a thing of the past. Carhops may feel like a relic of the 50’s and 60’s, but some restaurants still serve up carside service on roller-skates. In fact, Sonic hosts an annual Skate-Off to test the mettle of its restaurant’s carhops.

What are your favorite roller-skating facts? Share them with the Skateland team the next time you’re here!

5 Tips for a Better Skating Workout

woman with weights and waterIf you want to stay active during the winter, cultivate healthy habits, and get fit before spring, it’s time to take up roller-skating. Skating is one of the top exercises recommended by the American Heart Association for cardiovascular health and muscle strength. It can also burn up to 600 calories in an hour! Want to improve your roller-skating workout? Follow these tips!

5 Tips for a Better Skating Workout

  1. Warm up. Loosen up your muscles before you get rolling. Skating stretches can help you minimize injuries and maximize effort for a skating workout that’s loose, fun, and effective.
  2. Squat it out. The lower your body gets during your skating workout, the better you’ll engage your legs and core. Swing your arms to engage your upper body in your workout. If you really want to switch it up, try active squats (going from standing tall to bending low at the knees) as you cruise around the rink.
  3. Get serious. If you’re just gliding around the rink, you won’t engage as many muscles (or burn as many calories) as you’d like. Instead, incorporate interval training, speed work, zig-zags, and other fitness tricks to engage your muscles while you skate.
  4. Add weight. What’s an easy way to make your skating workout harder? Weigh more! But since that’s the opposite of what you want, here’s what you do: carry a backpack, wear a weighted belt, or secure ankle weights before hitting the skating floor.
  5. Have fun! The more you love it, the more you’ll do it. That’s why we’re roller-skaters!

Grab some friends and start your new fitness routine at Skateland in Bradford, MA.

3 New Year’s Resolutions at Skateland

We all want to make each new year better than the one before. Don’t fret about sticking to your New Year’s resolutions this year. Skateland is here to help!

3 Resolutions for 2017 at Skateland

  1. smiling parents with kidGet fit. There’s nothing like trudging to the gym every day to ruin your fitness resolutions. What’s the best way to get active in 2017? Find fitness that’s fun! Did you know that roller-skating is good for your heart, works your legs and glutes, and burns up to 650 calories in an hour? Reach your fitness goals at Skateland in Bradford.
  2. Give back. Are you resolved to be more generous this year? Book a roller-skating fundraiser at Skateland and we’ll help you give more back to the community!
  3. Spend more time with family. Family is what life is all about, but with so much on our to-do lists, finding an empty calendar spot for quality time is hard. Roller-skating is a fun, inexpensive activity that the whole family can share. Make a date each week for Saturday skating and let the good times roll!
  4. Try something new. Are you tired of the same old, same old? The Skateland Lazer Maze is just what you need to spice things up! Navigate the intricate laser maze aboard an international space station to deactivate the self-destruct sequence and save the day. Mission: complete.

Looking for more play, big fun, and a great way to invest in the Bradford community? Skateland has what families need to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Visit us in 2017!

A Holly, Jolly Holiday Experience

Christmas is a time of warm feelings, holiday cheer, and lots and lots of stuff. Holiday gifts can be fun, both to give and receive, but at some point, the growing pile under the tree can get overwhelming. Take a break from presents and invest in a family experience at Skateland in Bradford.

Why Holiday Experiences Matter

The average parent spends almost $300 on Christmas presents each year. Per child. But psychological research shows that experiences, not material gifts, make people happier in the long run. Minimizing toys doesn’t mean putting zero gifts under the Christmas tree this year. But you can benefit your family this holiday season by teaching your kids to value quality time and family fun over gifts.

How to Give a Great Family Experience

  1. smiling kids in carGo on an adventure. Just load up the car and hit the road. You may wind up at a tasty new restaurant, exploring the world outdoors, or at Skateland for a weekend skating session.
  2. Learn a new skill together. Does your family love roller-skating? Learn a new trick, master a new kind of skate, or give speed skating a try. Not only will you have a great time playing together, you’ll have a new skill to show for it!
  3. Unwrap a new experience. Yes, presents are still great for kids! Instead of putting another video game under the tree, invest in gifts that will enrich your child. Give your kids a book, science set, or pair of roller-skates this Christmas to keep their minds and bodies active.

Skateland is your destination for fun family activities in Bradford.