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Welcome to the best Roller Skating Center and LASER MAZE in Massachusetts
in Bradford (Haverhill) 978.372.3050
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Roller Skating Rink and Laser Maze!

Laser Maze...One Game: $2.50, Three Games: $5.00

How to play Laser Maze: You are aboard an international space station.
An enemy has arrived and set up a self-destruct sequence guarded by a Laser Maze to destroy you, your shipmates and the space station.
Your mission is to navigate through the intricate Laser Maze they installed without breaking any beams--
reach each of the hand scanners and find the red override button in order to complete the mission.
It's up to YOU to save the space station!

"the best skating floor around".

What's NEW?

Monday, January 20th
1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Admission $5.00

Plan to skate during your February School Vacation!

Skate Trainers! Rental fee $3.

Quad and Inline Rentals $3.00.

2 Giant Video Screens with Music Videos on many sessions!

Come skate on our BEAUTIFUL WOOD FLOOR...the best around!

Tips on how to skate

Family Fun--Parents "receive free admission" when accompanied by skating children on these sessions:
Saturday mornings (10-12) and Friday and Saturday nights (7:30-11).

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Video of our Thursday Adult Nite Boston Globe Article

19 Railroad Avenue, P.O. Box 5270
Bradford, Massachusetts 01835
(978) 372-3050

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