Throwback to Fun with These Classic Skating Games

skating games

How can you make roller skating even more fun? Games, games, games! Roller skating games can be played during open skating times, private parties, corporate events or any time you have a group together at the rink. Check out some of our favorites here at Skateland in Bradford, Mass., then give us a call for information about open skating hours or booking a private party.

Freeze Tag

It’s tag with a twist! One person is it and everyone else tries not to get tagged… the only difference is everyone is on skates! The rules are simple. If you’re “it,” you skate around the rink trying to tap your friends. Once they’ve been tagged, they have to freeze in place until everyone is tagged and the game is over.


How low can you go? You’ll find out if you play Limbo during your next visit to Skateland! The objective is to roll under the bar but it gets lower and lower every time, testing your flexibility and balance as you go!

4 Corners

This is THE classic skating game and the rules are simple. Everyone on the floor skates until the music stops. Then everyone has to skate to 1 of the 4 corners of the rink. A designated person calls out a corner 1-4. If your corner is called out, you’re out! Then the music start up and everyone goes again until only one skater remains in the rink.

These are just a few of the awesome games you can play the next time you come skating. For more information about our open skating hours, pricing or private party packages, give us a call today. One of our Skateland team members will be happy to help you answer any questions you have!

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