3 Tricks for Advanced Skaters

You’ve been a casual skater for years. You can limbo and dominate skate races, and there’s something magical about your favorite roller-skating song. Now it’s time to take your skills to the next level. Skateland shares 3 fun roller-skating tricks for advanced skaters.

3 Tricks for Advanced Skaters

  1. woman inline skating outsideSpin. You don’t need a lot of space to show off fun skating tricks. Take this trick for a spin! You can spin in either direction, or if you really want a challenge, switch from one direction to the other mid-spin. Bend your knees, keeping your hips square and your feet shoulder-width apart. Start with your arms spread in a right angle. Rotate them to one side, tucking them close your body. Your skates will fall in line, pulling your closer skate backwards and pushing your farther skate forwards. Lift your body as you gain momentum, pulling your skates close together into a powerbox pose. Voila! A perfect spin.
  2. Spread eagle. Show off your skating skills with casual flair. Once you’ve mastered balance, you have the basics needed to perform skating tricks like The Spread Eagle. Skate forward, keeping your knees bent. As you move forward, spread your legs and rock back onto your heels, balancing on the back two wheels. Glide forward, impressing your friends with your casual confidence. Make sure to keep your core engaged so you don’t fall on your face . . . or wind up in a painful split!
  3. Salchow. Was The Spread Eagle child’s play? We have a real challenge for you: The Salchow. Starting backwards, complete a one-leg twist, do a quick jump, and land on your opposite foot. You’re sure to impress anyone watching!

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