4 Roller Skating Etiquette Tips

poised woman - etiquetteWhen you step out onto the skating rink, there are several rules that you should know. They’ll help keep you safer and ensure that everyone has a great time. Follow these skating etiquette guidelines for safe and fun experience during your family’s next visit to Skateland.

DO: Watch out for beginners

The skating rink can be a fun place for everyone, from the youngest skater getting used to their first pair of wheels to the seasoned skating pro. But in order for this to work, everyone must be considerate of skaters with other skill levels. Much like traffic on the highway, slower skaters should skate on the right, towards the edge of the rink. Anyone who wants to go a bit faster should move to the left and skate closer to the center of the rink. Don’t weave around slower skaters, as this may startle them and cause them to fall.

DON’T: Skate in the opposite direction

Unless the DJ announces a reverse skate, skaters at Skateland usually move around the rink in a counter clockwise direction. It’s important for everyone to skate in the same direction. A skater traveling the opposite way can cause collisions, falls, and many near misses.

DO: Read the rules

While there are standard skating etiquette rules, Skateland has our own list of rules to help every skater have an awesome (and safe) time. If you have any questions about rules and guidelines at Skateland, don’t be afraid to ask.

DON’T: Leave your laces too loose

Loose skate laces and spinning wheels are not a good combination. Be sure to always tighten your skate’s laces so you do not cause yourself or your fellow skaters to trip. Tie them carefully to ensure that there are no long ends hanging out either.

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