5 Benefits of Summer Skating Field Trips

Think your summer camp will be fine where they are? Think again! Summer field trips are great ways to engage kids in something new, give camp counselors a break, and prepare for fun no matter what the weather is doing. It’s never too early to book a camp group at Skateland!

5 Benefits of Summer Skating Field Trips

  1. happy kids outsideFun for all (rain or shine). Between summer heat and unexpected showers, you’ll want to have a backup plan. With help from Skateland, summer fun is no sweat! We have indoor, air conditioned facilities that are perfect for summer play, no matter what it looks like outside. And skating is great fitness, so the kids can squeeze in hours of active play.
  2. Foster friendships. Does your camp group form cliques? Mix things up with roller-skating games, Laser Maze competitions, and open skating.
  3. Everything you need to play. Forgot supplies for your latest craft? At Skateland, we have everything you need. You can rent roller-skates and Skate Mate trainers, skate around the rink, take on the Laser Maze Challenge, and fuel up with hot meals without ever leaving our facility.
  4. A break for the boss. Running a kids summer camp is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Give your counselors a break. They can skate with the kids, relax on the sidelines, or even try the Laser Maze for themselves
  5. Freedom and fun. We’ll work with you to give your campers the ultimate skating experience. You can rent our skating center by the hour, bundle food packages, and choose your skate rentals. You can even reserve weekly skating trips for your camp group!

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