5 reasons to start inline skating

Inline skateHave you ever wondered what it’s like to inline skate? Or why others inline skate? We love inline skates at Skateland, and here are some reasons why. (Let’s start from the beginning.)

According to Dictionary.com, an inline skate is a roller skate typically with four hard-rubber wheels in a straight line that resembles the blade of an ice skate. According to the Inline Skating Resource Center, inline skating has been around since 1735.

  1. Inline skating is social. Friends, couples, clubs and groups that enjoy inline skating will soon find out there’s no better way to bond than to do it on wheels.  
  2. Provides cross training. Athletes can benefit from cross training on inline skates because it puts less stress on your joints than running or jogging but still provides the same aerobic exercise.
  3. Inline skating is eco-friendly. Methods of transportation like motorcycles, jet skis and go carts burn gas and emit poisonous fumes. Grab an inline skate and have some fun while helping to save the world.
  4. Inline skating is flexible. Whether you’re looking to go for a roll in the morning, afternoon or evening, inline skating can be social, competitive or fitness. You can always inline skate YOUR WAY.
  5. Inline skating is competitive. Freestyle, figure, speed and hockey are all sports that involve inline skates. Inline basketball and soccer are among of the new inline sports that are for inline skating pioneers looking to try something different.

Unlike other roller rinks, inline skates are available for rent at Skateland for the same price as quad roller skates (because we want you to have fun at no extra cost). Inline skates are also available for purchase from our Pro Shop.

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