5 Tips for a Better Skating Workout

woman with weights and waterIf you want to stay active during the winter, cultivate healthy habits, and get fit before spring, it’s time to take up roller-skating. Skating is one of the top exercises recommended by the American Heart Association for cardiovascular health and muscle strength. It can also burn up to 600 calories in an hour! Want to improve your roller-skating workout? Follow these tips!

5 Tips for a Better Skating Workout

  1. Warm up. Loosen up your muscles before you get rolling. Skating stretches can help you minimize injuries and maximize effort for a skating workout that’s loose, fun, and effective.
  2. Squat it out. The lower your body gets during your skating workout, the better you’ll engage your legs and core. Swing your arms to engage your upper body in your workout. If you really want to switch it up, try active squats (going from standing tall to bending low at the knees) as you cruise around the rink.
  3. Get serious. If you’re just gliding around the rink, you won’t engage as many muscles (or burn as many calories) as you’d like. Instead, incorporate interval training, speed work, zig-zags, and other fitness tricks to engage your muscles while you skate.
  4. Add weight. What’s an easy way to make your skating workout harder? Weigh more! But since that’s the opposite of what you want, here’s what you do: carry a backpack, wear a weighted belt, or secure ankle weights before hitting the skating floor.
  5. Have fun! The more you love it, the more you’ll do it. That’s why we’re roller-skaters!

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