5000 Dead Fish in A Rink?

Frozen fish

(Image by NextShark.com)

Yes, you read that correct. According to Nextshark.com, a Japanese skating rink was forced to close after reportedly freezing 5,000 fish and other sea life under the ice. According to Telegraph, the ice skating rink open on November 12, 2016, inside of the Space World amusement park in Kitakyushu, Southern Japan. The rink says the unusual display was an attempt to educate guests about different kinds of fish and marine life – but people certainly didn’t take it that way.

Channel News Asia reported that after receiving several negative reactions from the public regarding the unusual display that the rink was forced to shut down.

“We received critical voices saying it is not good to use creatures as a toy, and that it is bad to let food go to waste,” Space World spokesperson, Koji Shibata said.

In defense, Shibata said that the fish used were all dead and were considered unfit to be sold in the market. He also added that the company had a discussion about the morality of the idea before the fish display was set up.

General Manager of Space World, Toshimi Takeda, also spoke about the issue and said that their intention was for customers to have fun while being educated about marine life.

“We wanted customers to experience the feeling of skating on the sea, but after receiving criticism, we decided that we could not operate it anymore,” Takeda said.

The controversy has persuaded the rink to ultimately melt the rink’s ice which will take about a week. Takeda added that they will hold a memorial service for the fishes by inviting a Shinto priest.

What do you think? Is an ice skating rink with actual dead fish inside of the floor too much, or is it educational? Let us know what you think in the comments below. We want to know what you think about this.

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