Kick it Up a Notch With Some Roller Skating Games

It really doesn’t get much better than lacing up those skates and rolling around the rink, does it? From theinline skates smell of the concessions cooking to the hum of wheels in a wooden rink, it’s what we would call our “happy place.” But no matter how great something is, if you do it often enough it might need a little extra gusto every now and again to change things up. Next time you need a little change in your roller skating routine, throw some games into the mix! Skateland in Bradford, MA is here with some great suggestions.

  • Roller Tag – You’re it! Roller tag is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This game of tag is played on roller skates. Find a nice open space and select one player to be it, if that person tags someone else, then they are it.
  • Musical Chairs on Skates – Well, sort of. This version of musical chairs is actually played without chairs, and instead, the chairs are replaced spots marked on the ground where players must stop to remain in the game. A fun way to do this is to have the DJ play music and stop it when players should be finding a spot. Whoever doesn’t have a spot when the music stops it out.
  • Prize Places – Gather a couple of notecards and write different areas in the rink on them. Put all the cards in a hat. Have the kids start skating around the rink, and stop the music at a random time. The host will pull out a card, and whoever is closest to that listed location will win a prize!
  • Pizza Relay – Did someone say pizza? We’re in! For this game, make two teams, and mark a skating lane for both. Give the first person in each line a stack of empty pizza boxes. The first person begins, and will skate a lap while attempting to balance the pizza boxes. If the boxes are dropped, they have to return to their line and start again! If they make it, they’ll hand it to the second person and so on and so forth until someone is declared a winner.

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