Increase your Roller Skating Endurance!

Obviously, there’s not many activities that we enjoy more than roller skating, and our skaters can roller skating definitely relate! If you are new to skating or have taken a brief hiatus you will notice something quickly. This fun activity is also a great workout, and it can be easy to tire out before everyone else at first. Building your endurance can take some time, but Skateland, located in Bradford, MA, has a few tips to help you on your way!

  • Push it to the Limit – The only way to improve is to move forward. Every time you skate try to go a little farther than the last time. If you keep increasing your skate time in little increments, you will be skating as long as everyone else in no time!
  • Be Healthy – It’s important when you increase one area of your health to increase all areas. To maximize your endurance, be sure to eat a well balanced diet.
  • Form – In roller skating, form is everything. A flawed skating form can cause someone to do more work than is necessary. Be sure to watch videos and ask questions from experienced skaters until you’ve got it down.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Practice, practice, practice! Being a great skater takes time. Every chance you get, try to work on your roller skating
  • Skate Everywhere – Roller skating is for more than just the rink. Try skating on multiple surface to help get you used to being on skates.

Join us at Skateland and let’s get to work on your endurance! Check out our hours and plan your next visit.

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