August is #FamilyFunMonth


When was the last time you took the family out for a night of wholesome fun? August is officially family fun month, so why not enjoy it with us at Skateland! With a massive 13,000 sq. ft. skating floor, quad and inline skate rentals, concessions, live DJs and much more, we have everything you need for an awesome time with the whole family.

Perfect for Any Age

Roller skating is a great way for every member of the family to have a great time and get a little exercise while they’re at it. Skating gives you a fun, full-body workout, burning up to 600 calories an hour. It is also a great way to get in shape without putting stress on your joints and bones. Roller skating offers 50% less impact when compared to running, while still getting your heart rate up in the 150 bpm region.

With all these great health benefits, you get a great workout while your kids have a change to burn off all that extra energy that comes with summer break.

Public Skating or Private Parties

At Skateland, we have a ton of options for your family fun. Whether you’re feeling outgoing and want to meet some new family friends during our open skating times, or would rather a private gathering with your family and friends, we have you covered. We do our best to accommodate the unique qualities of every family while delivering the kind of classic entertainment that only roller skating can.

Skatland is the perfect place for the family to come, hang out, have a blast and enjoy an atmosphere everyone can feel safe and comfortable in. For more information, give us a call today!

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