Beat The Sun, Join The Indoor Fun

The summer is fun, but it is also HOT! There are some days where it’s nice to be outside, but some days you just have to get out of the sun. Here are three ways to stay out of the sun this summer.


Brutally Hot Sun

Indoor Gatherings For Friends

As the summer approaches, kids don’t see their friends as often as they would like. Before, they could just show up to school and see the friends they love to hang out with. That becomes tough during the summer for kids whose parents work during the day and can’t drive them around. This summer you should plan some indoor activities for the kids and their friends. This will keep them out of the brutal sun and will allow them to spend time with their friends. There are plenty of games and activities that can be planned inside and are enjoyable for kids.

Read With Your Kids

With the kids out of school they might not be required to do much reading. Reading is crucial for kids’ development. This summer is a great opportunity for you to spend time with your kids, prevent sunburns, and keep their brains active during the break. Reading with them shows kids that reading is a fun activity. Kids are encouraged to enjoy activities that their parents also enjoy.

Come Skate At Skateland

Skateland in Bradford, MA is home to your child’s fun this summer. As the sun beats down on the dry ground, bring your children into Skateland to enjoy roller skating in our beautiful rink, snacks from our snack bar, and exciting runs in our famous laser maze. Skating is a healthy activity that will keep your kids out of the sun and having fun. We have nice, cool air conditioning to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for all of our customers.

These ideas are sure to give your child their best summer yet. Contact us for more information about Skateland’s summer hours and rates.

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