Making Holiday Birthdays Special is Easy at Skateland!

birthday cake

Do you have a little one who’s birthday falls around the holidays? We know it can be hard figuring out how to make your little one’s birthday something super special. At Skateland in Bradford, MA, we have a few tips to make the special day something to remember!

The obstacles can be huge when you have a child with a birthday around the holidays but luckily our skating center has all the attractions and fun you’ll ever need to make a holiday birthday stand out from the seasonal festivities. Check out some tips from us at Skateland!

  • Book A Birthday Party Package! – At Skateland, we have some awesome party packages that’ll make every little boy or girl feel special on their birthday. Our packages include admission for 8 guests, skate rentals, pizza, and much much more!
  • Plan Early and Give Other Parents Lots of Notice – One of the trickiest part about getting a successful birthday party off the ground this time of year is getting everyone to show up. Families are traveling and have tons of plans around the holidays and new year, so make sure you plan early to give other parents as much advanced notice as possible.
  • Make It All About Them – Competing with all the different holiday celebrations going on this time of year can be tough for a little one with a holiday birthday. Try to make their party all about them and their special day.

Our party packages are jam-packed with benefits and they’re all designed to be affordable for every budget. We also make booking easy and will help with everything from the invitations to setup and cleanup. Give us a call today at (978) 372-3050 today to learn more about kids’ birthday parties at Skateland!

Escape the Winter Break Doldrums at Skateland

Winter break is almost upon us! Kids are probably excited, but parents may be worried. After all, it only takes a few days off of school for boredom to set in! At Skateland in Bradford, MA, we’re experts in avoiding boredom without breaking the bank. Consider these fun, inexpensive holiday activities the whole family can enjoy together!

  • little girl with holiday candyMake Something. Use all that spare time to do something creative! Making fun crafts, baking holiday treats, and even writing and decorating thank you notes will give kids something fun to do and a sense of accomplishment when they’re finished. Plus, think how happy Grandma and Grandpa will be to get a handwritten thank you!
  • Host a Playdate. Call some friends and bring the fun to you! A simple afternoon potluck between lunch and dinner is easy, fun. If you schedule it after the holidays, have everyone bring their unwanted gifts and swap them around!
  • Get Out of the House. Sometimes the walls start to close in on you no matter how you try, and it’s best to just escape for a bit. That’s where Skateland comes in! Bring the whole family to our skate center. Kids and parents can enjoy our arcade and obstacle course, and of course get some exercise on the skate floor. Think how much better you’ll feel after stretching your legs!

With a little forethought and some time at Skateland, you’ll never have to hear “I’m bored!” this holiday break. Check out our schedule and come join us anytime we’re open!

Host a Corporate Holiday Party at Skateland

holiday office partyThe holidays are here and if you’re looking for an amazing venue to throw a corporate holiday party in Bradford, MA, visit us here at Skateland! This time of year puts everyone in the holiday spirit, and when you’re trying to celebrate with your coworkers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a venue with more!

Roller skating is a timeless classic that is fun for the entire family and with our private party packages, you can have a great night of holiday fun with all of your coworkers and their families.

A Holiday Party No One Will Forget

At Skateland, our party packages offer big fun for skaters young and old. The perks of booking a corporate holiday party with us for your corporate holiday party this year are huge too! For just $400, you can own the rink for two full hours with all of your friends and coworkers. You’ll also have access to our brand new inflatable obstacle course for the kids and so much more!

Skating is Fun for Everyone

Roller skating makes everyone feel like a kid again. Our skating center has everything you need for the whole office to have a blast, including skate rentals, lessons, full concessions and more. A classic pastime, roller skating has been keeping kids and adults entertained for decades. You simply can’t argue with the fact that some things never go out of style. Skating is certainly one of those things and a night with us will make for the most memorable work holiday party this year!

Give us a call today to find out more about all the advantages of hosting your corporate holiday party with us at Skateland this year!

Roller Skating: A Super Smooth Date!

Are you thinking of asking someone out? Is looking for the best first date idea giving you fits? Forget the boring movies, skip the crowded restaurant, and bring your date to Skateland in Bradford, MO! Roller skating makes a great first date. Check out all the reasons why:

  • woman smiling on dateIt’s Easy to Get Chatty. Since roller skating comes with a built-in activity, great music, arcade games, tasty snacks, and a ton of fun nostalgia, you won’t have to struggle to come up with topics of conversation. No more awkward small talk for you!
  • It’s Casual… Above all else, skating is about having fun! Since many adults haven’t been skating in a long time, there’s no pressure to impress with your skating skills. You and your date can relax and get to know each other without feeling stifled by the overly-formal atmosphere of a restaurant.
  • …But it’s Thoughtful. A trip to Skateland shows that you’ve invested time and thought into picking a unique and fun activity for this date. What better way to show off your creativity in a no-pressure way?
  • Affordable, but Not Cheap. A trip to Skateland for our 18+ Adult Night is only $10 per person, with skate rental only $3 extra. Other open skate sessions are even less. A great first date doesn’t have to break the bank!

Roller skating has been popular with couples for decades. Next time you’re looking for a unique first date idea with a touch of nostalgia, come down to Skateland in Bradford, MO and see why!

Giving Is Good for the Soul

Not only is Thanksgiving right around the corner, but so is Giving Tuesday. The Tuesday after the consumerist holidays of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday has been designated as a day to give back to the communities we live in. Here at Skateland in Bradford, MO we’re excited to celebrate this holiday, and we hope you’ll join us!

volunteerVolunteering with your kids isn’t just good for the community–it’s also good for your family. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected nowadays, even during the holidays. By focusing on others, kids learn to take responsibility for the world they live in and to be grateful for their blessings. They also feel empowered to can change the world for the better. That’s a powerful message for everyone, not just kids!

Finding volunteer opportunities that are suitable for kids can seem tricky, but don’t worry! Sites like and offer the option to search for family or kid-friendly opportunities. Your school, church, work, Scout troop, etc. may have activities planned as well. If all else fails, you can always contact organizations directly and ask them about volunteer opportunities. Animal shelters, homeless shelters, senior centers, and food banks are particularly busy during this time of year. Even cleaning for the holidays can turn into a community service project! Have kids go through their clothes and toys to find gently used items to donate to charity.

No matter how you choose to give back, we hope you’ll reward yourselves with some time for active fun at Skateland! Join us for a public skate session and don’t forget about our Black Friday Skate from 12:00 to 5:00 on November 24th!

Celebrate the Big Game with a Private Skating Party

It doesn’t matter if you won or lost, team parties at Skateland are always winners!

If you’re looking for a place to throw an epic end-of-season party for the whole team, you’ve found it! At Skateland, we know how to throw a party. Whether you’re looking for a place to celebrate after the big game, a venue for an end-of-season event for the Scouts, or your child has a big birthday coming up, we have you covered.

Everyone’s a Winner at Skateland

We offer specials for teams and groups that include everything you need to for up to 30 kids. Each of our party packages include:

  • Admission for the whole team
  • Quad or inline skate rentals
  • Full staff
  • Private use of our huge skating rink
  • Concessions
  • Live DJ to play all your favorite skating songs!

Our private party packages are priced affordably and designed to make it an event that everyone will remember for a long time!

Family Fun for All Ages

We are all about having a good time. Roller skating is a blast no matter how old you are, and as a wholesome, family-friendly facility, everyone can have a blast! Make sure you give us a call today to book your party and celebrate the season in style.

Book Your Party Today

Booking a private skating party at Skateland is easy. Check out our private party packages and give us a call to reserve your spot today.

Why Skaters are Celebrating National STEM Day

roller skatingHave you been looking for a fun, family outing that is also educational? Look no further than roller skating! When you and your kids roller skate, you’re incorporating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with every glide! This exciting concept is reason enough to celebrate National STEM Day on November 8th at Skateland.

Come celebrate with us! Check out our hours.

Discover the importance of STEM, how it affects your kids, and what activities you can do to celebrate on November 8th.

The Importance of STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are linked to every activity we do. Understanding how STEM works in our daily life allows us to learn more about how the world works. And understanding the importance of STEM is critical to creating learning moments for your kids.

How STEM Affects Your Kids

Roller skating is incredibly fun and enjoyable. However, now that you know roller skating correlates directly to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, you can make roller skating an educational opportunity! Many kids lose interest in STEM as they grow older. When you bring your kids to our skating center, you make learning fun by teaching them about STEM and roller skating.

Celebrate STEM on November 8!

National STEM Day is on November 8th, and we can’t wait to celebrate! There aren’t many activities kids love that combine fun with learning. Make the most of National STEM Day and spark your kids’ curiosity! Bring your kids and their friends to Skateland for a fun time and a sneaky lesson.

Want to learn more about the science of roller skating? Contact us today.

Work Off Halloween Candy by Roller Skating at Skateland!

halloweenBefore you pick up your tall pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, ask yourself if you’re ready to walk 134 minutes to burn it off. Or before bringing the kids out to trick or treat this year, ask yourself if the bite-size snicker you steal from their bag is worth 17 minutes of burpees.

Americans spend billions of dollars on Halloween candy every year, and millions of calories are added across the country. Foregoing Halloween is tough for parents with excitable kids, but, is there something you can do about the calorie and sugar intake? Yes! Roller skate at Skateland to burn off those Halloween calories!

Check out our public skating hours today.

Check out some roller skating fitness statistics that will make you want to lace up your skates and head to Skateland.

The Perfect Workout

Have you been searching for a workout that is extremely fun and produces great results? We found it. During the week, try to get in an hour of roller skating, swimming, and cycling. This combination will give you all of the fitness benefits associated with aerobics! (Aerobic exercise is vital for your health because it strengthens your heart and lungs.)

Easy On Your Joints & More

You may have heard that roller skating is much easier on your joints than running. But, that’s not all. It also strengthens your leg muscles and contributes to the reduction of body fat. If jogging isn’t your cup of tea, lace up your skates and get the same workout at our skating rink!

Boost Your Mood

Roller skating is great for your attitude and mood. This form of exercise will get your blood pumping, legs racing, calories burning, and face smiling. It contributes to decreased stress and increased fun (especially when you roller skate with a friend).

So, grab your roller skates and head over to Skateland to get in the perfect work out that is easy on your joints and makes you happy. We can’t wait to see you soon!

8 Ways to Stay Safe and Have Fun This Halloween

trick or treat

Whether your little one prefers ghosts and ghouls or princesses and puffy, fluffy, cutesy costumes, one thing holds true across the board: Halloween is fun! It gives kids a chance to dress up, stock their coffers full of candy, and even get into a little mischief. However, it’s important to make sure you address the very real safety concerns that come with a fun night trick or treating.

From being visible to neighborhood traffic to making sure the costume itself isn’t a potential risk for your child, here are some tips from us at Skateland to make sure you have a fun and safe Halloween this year in Bradford, MA.

  1. Don’t give your small children any props that are small enough to swallow or choke on.
  2. Add a little reflective tape to your kid’s costume so drivers can see them
  3. Make sure to have your little one’s name and home phone number attached to them somewhere in case they wander off during all the spooky fun.
  4. Make sure all masks, wigs, beards, etc. do not obstruct your child’s ability to breath.
  5. Stick to the sidewalk and avoid walking in the road even if other groups are doing it.
  6. Steer clear of candles or any sort of open flames. Costumes are often baggy or flowing and can catch fire fast!
  7. Supervise your little trick or treater. Kids will usually only trick or treat until they are 12 or so, but even the older kids should be supervised.
  8. Spend Halloween with us at Skateland!

A growing trend these days is to bring kids to a fun, safe indoor Halloween party. And at Skateland, we totally agree! Bring the little ones in for a great time on skates and make sure they dress up in full costume because we’re going to have a hauntingly fun time through the rest of October.

On Sunday, October 29, we’ll be having a super fun, skate-filled Halloween party! Stop by between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to join in or give us a call for more information!

Skating Themed Costumes for Halloween!

Halloween costume

It’s October which means it’s time for goodies, ghouls and good times! Sometimes, picking out the perfect costume for Halloween can be tough, though. Whether you’re having a mental block or have too many ideas to choose from, it happens. That’s why we wanted to give you a few fun suggestions before you come hang out with us at Skateland in Bradford this Halloween.

We’re obviously fans of skating-themed costumes over here, so check out these ideas!

  • Disco Roller – It’s time to break out the silk shirts and bellbottoms, throw on a headscarf or an ascot and get ready to boogie all night long!
  • Roller Derby Girl – All you need for this one is a pair of athletic shorts, your favorite jersey, a headband and some attitude.
  • Roller Skating Waitress – Why not throw it back to the days when you could get a burger and a shake delivered to your car window by a server on skates? Make sure to get an apron and a small notebook to take down all the orders of fun you’re going to get!
  • Olympic Skater – With the winter Olympics coming up, what better time to show Team USA some love and dress up as an Olympic skater? Whether you like speed skating or figure skating, you’re sure to be a hit at our skating center.

These are just a handful of ideas but there a million more out there that don’t necessarily have anything to do with skating. After all, it’s all about having a good time. The important thing to remember is to swing by and party with us at Skateland this Halloween! We have full concessions, private parties are available, and we’ll be playing great skating games all month long!