Celebrate National Roller Skating Month

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Roller skating is a great activity for any time of year, but in October, it’s even better. That’s because the month of October is Roller Skating Month! A whole month dedicated to the activity we all know and love. 31 days to celebrate that feeling of skates humming on the wooden rink, the smell of pizza and the sound of great tunes providing a soundtrack for a skate session. National Roller Skating Month actually began in 1983 to promote not only its fun aspects but also the benefits it has for your health. If you are looking to celebrate this month, here are some ways you can do just that at Skateland in Bradford, MA! 

  • Adults Only Late Skate (Oct. 24) – This one is for our 18+ crowd! As many of you are aware, it doesn’t get much better than Adult Nights at Skateland. That is unless you throw a few extra hours into the mix! See you there!
  • Costume Contest (Oct. 31) – Not only is it roller skating month, Halloween is around the corner! Bring out your best costumes for our Skateland costume contest. The contest will be held twice on the 31st. Winners will receive a new pair of roller skates!
  • Regular Hours – Can’t wait until the events later this month? Join us in the rink for our regular hours!

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