Discover the Joys and Benefits of Skating

Retro rollerskates

From increased balance and motor skills to endurance and cardiovascular health, there are innumerable benefits that come with learning how to skate. But it’s not just about staying healthy. If anything, the health benefits of skating are a great bonus that comes from getting into a really fun hobby!

At Skateland, we know all about the awesome benefits of rolling around the rink and we want to share a few with you.

First and Foremost, It’s Fun!

Roller-skating has been a favorite pastime for nearly 100 years, and although the gear has evolved to better suit the multiple activities and styles that embody skating, the joy that comes with gliding across the hardwood on four wheels remains the same.

Spending an hour or two in skates can help your body release endorphins which improve your mood. Plus, when you’re at the rink, you’re sure to get into some classic skating games like Four Corners, Limbo and Shoot the Duck, just to name a few.

Good for the Body and the Mind

Skating keeps you fit. When you roller-skate at a medium pace for an hour, you can burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories! Plus, skating is much easier on your joints than other exercises like running. In short, you can roll around the rink having a blast and shed a few pounds without it feeling like a workout at all!

There are also multiple studies coming out showing that physical exercise has a direct link to increased conative function. Engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise such as skating can help increase blood flow to the brain, help develop neuron connections and more.

Come Have Some Fun with Us at Skateland

Our indoor roller rink in Bradford, Massachusetts, offers public and private skating times and is a great place to bring the whole family. To find out more, feel free to give us a call today at (978) 372-3050.

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