Don’t Let a Blister Burst Your Bubble!

prevent blisters

When you arrive at Skateland, you’re probably thinking about how much fun you’re about to have. You lace up your skates, take a couple laps around the hardwood to warm up, and you start to feel some rubbing. You ignore it, though, and keep gliding around the rink. After a little while, that rubbing turns to a burning pain. You’ve got a blister and your day of fun might be over.

Don’t let a blister burst your bubble when you’re out for a great time at Bradford’s best skating center. These nasty little sores can totally ruin your day, but the good news is that they’re almost always preventable. Check out how to prevent blisters from forming on your feet when you’re skating!

Double Up Your Socks

If you’re concerned about getting blisters, a good way to fend them off right from the start is to add some padding by putting on an extra pair of socks.

If the Shoe Fits…

One of the leading culprits of blisters is having the wrong size skates. If you’re renting skates, it can be tricky to find a pair that fit just right, but it’ll be worth the effort in the long run!

Blisters form when the rough leather or nylon of the skate shoe rubs against your foot as you skate. Skates that are too big allow movement inside the shoe. Skates that are too small end up jamming your foot in and creating friction. Your skates should fit you like a glove, so if you feel a lot of movement when your feet are in your skates, take them back and try a different size.

Add Some Padding

If you think you have a blister forming, it might not be too late! Take a minute to pull off your skates and put a band-aid over the sore area to increase padding. This could prevent the blister from getting worse and ending your day early.

For more information, give Skateland a call or stop by during open skating hours!

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