Don’t Let Blisters Keep You From Skating!

Nothing can ruin playing in a sporting event or being active like a few aches and pains, and if you do it inline skatesoften enough it’s almost inevitable. And as much as we would like it, roller skating is not excluded from this. Other than a bump or bruise from a fall, one of the most common roller skating pains stems from the feet. Blisters. If you skate long enough and frequently enough, blisters will most likely happen to you too. A bad enough blister can really ruin an otherwise great skate session, so how do we avoid them? Skateland, located in Haverhill, MA,  wants every skate session to be an enjoyable one, so here are our tips on how to keep your feet blister-free.

  • Properly Fitting Skates – This should be your first line of defense against pesky blisters forming. Blisters happen when there is too much friction between your foot and the inside of the skate. Be sure that when you rent or buy a pair of skates that they fit your foot well.
  • Toe Pushing – This is another huge contributor to blisters from roller skating. Many people when they skate tend to be “toe pushers.” Instead of pushing off with your toe while skating, push off with your whole foot to mitigate the heel moving up and down.
  • Double Up – If you feel that these dreaded blisters are unavoidable, double up on your socks and give you feet and extra layer of protection.

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