Escape the Winter Break Doldrums at Skateland

Winter break is almost upon us! Kids are probably excited, but parents may be worried. After all, it only takes a few days off of school for boredom to set in! At Skateland in Bradford, MA, we’re experts in avoiding boredom without breaking the bank. Consider these fun, inexpensive holiday activities the whole family can enjoy together!

  • little girl with holiday candyMake Something. Use all that spare time to do something creative! Making fun crafts, baking holiday treats, and even writing and decorating thank you notes will give kids something fun to do and a sense of accomplishment when they’re finished. Plus, think how happy Grandma and Grandpa will be to get a handwritten thank you!
  • Host a Playdate. Call some friends and bring the fun to you! A simple afternoon potluck between lunch and dinner is easy, fun. If you schedule it after the holidays, have everyone bring their unwanted gifts and swap them around!
  • Get Out of the House. Sometimes the walls start to close in on you no matter how you try, and it’s best to just escape for a bit. That’s where Skateland comes in! Bring the whole family to our skate center. Kids and parents can enjoy our arcade and obstacle course, and of course get some exercise on the skate floor. Think how much better you’ll feel after stretching your legs!

With a little forethought and some time at Skateland, you’ll never have to hear “I’m bored!” this holiday break. Check out our schedule and come join us anytime we’re open!

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