Fun is FUNdamental at Skateland!

The holidays are over, and January is here to stay! This season can seem like such a drag after all the excitement of November and December. This year, make fun a focus and you’ll find you reap the benefits.

What are the benefits of fun?

happy familyAfter all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s hard to know how to slow down. Not only that, but the darkness and cold of winter can make us feel sad, tired, and stressed, and even cause more serious conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder. Making time for fun— especially active fun that gets you moving like roller skating— will fight this. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions to get fit or stay more active, so why not combine that with making time for fun?

What makes roller skating a great source of active fun?

Skating at Skateland in Bradford, MA is good for all ages and abilities, making it a perfect choice for family fun. We have everything from skate trainers to adult-only nights. Our facility is indoors and totally climate-controlled, so you never have to worry about the weather ruining your fun. Plus, with our great music, fun lights, arcade, and obstacle course, you’ll find something for everyone to do!

In this world of multiple calendars and constant communication, isn’t it time you pursued a little happiness? The more time you spend enjoying your time, the more energy you’ll have for the rest of your life. We can’t wait to see you for some fun at Skateland in Bradford, MA!

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