Get Fit in 2018 at Skateland

inline skates

Does your New Year’s resolution involve getting back into shape this year? A lot of folks want to start fresh and shed those extra pounds when the calendar turns over each year. If you’re one of them, we have a great way to do it here at Skateland in Bradford, MA!

Burn Calories at Our Skating Center

Did you know that roller skating is an excellent way to get a workout? Spending an hour with us here at Skateland can burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories depending on how vigorously you go around the rink! That’s about the same as going for an hour-long run, but skating is much easier on your bones and joints. Skating is a full-body workout, too. When you whip around the rink, you’re working out your arms, legs, glutes, and everything in between.

Get Your Heart Pumping!

The best part about adding frequent skating sessions to your weekly workout, though, is that it is downright fun! When you come to Skateland for an open skate, you’ll get to get your heart pumping while our live DJ plays new and old hits that are guaranteed to keep you moving.

Improve Your Balance

Skating also helps you improve balance and coordination. When you’re gliding around our hardwood roller rink, you’re actively using your eyes, mind, and body together the whole time.

Fun for the Whole Family

Another great perk of adding skating into your workout routine is that it’s a family-friendly activity. That makes visiting Skateland a perfect way to get in shape and have fun with your kids. For more information about our open skating times, party packages or how to get the most out of skating, give us a call or stop by today in Bradford, Massachusetts.

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