How to Celebrate National Thank You Month with the Family

national thank you monthDid you know that January is National Thank You Month? This month (and all year long), practice a grateful attitude by being intentional about thank you activities!

And to make it even better, thankfulness can be loads of fun for the whole family. Get the kids involved by introducing them to “thank you” activities!

Here are a few thank you activity ideas that you can try:

Create a Picture Collage

Let your kids use your camera (or iPhone) and take pictures of everything they’re thankful for. When they’re done, let them pick out their favorite pictures and print them out! Bring out the construction paper, tape, and crayons, and let them create a collage with all of their pictures. Once they’re finished, bring them to Skateland to race around the rink! Check out our hours.

Write a Story Together

You and the kiddos always read stories at bedtime – so, what if you wrote your own bedtime story? This story could be short, sweet, and all about what your children are grateful for. Write down what they say on sheets of paper, staple them together, and let them decorate with crayons. (This may be a keepsake for years to come.)

Spread the Love

Are you thankful for your neighbors, friends, or family members? Let them know! You and the kids can make thank you cards or bake cookies together and send them to the people you love. This is a great way to spread positivity and thankfulness to everyone around you.

At Skateland, we are thankful for fun times and great company. And we’re especially thankful we get to experience both at work every day! Load up the family and head over to Skateland to see why we love it so much.

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