How To: Keep Your Balance On Roller Skates

Roller skating is all fun and games until you’ve fallen so many times your butt hurts! Keeping your balance especially as a beginner is hard, but we’ve got a few steps to help you out.

roller skating balance

  1. Posture. Place your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees, and squat. Lower your backside toward the ground and lean slightly forward in a comfortable squatting position. Try to keep this stance at all times! Imagine this: if you were standing in place without roller skates on and someone gave you a light push, you’d move your feet to regain your balance right? That same concept applies when you’re wearing roller skates! Try walking like a duck would, with your heels together and toes pointed outward. Walk to the right and left, continuing to squat and keeping your heels underneath your body.
  2. Learn to glide. Lengthen each stride by allowing yourself to roll. Push off with one foot and glide with the other until you lose momentum, then switch! While you’re gliding on one foot, keep the other one above the floor. When you turn right, lean your body slightly to the right. When you turn left, lean your body slightly to the left (and don’t forget to maintain the squatting position)! To move faster,  move your legs quicker and put pressure on the wheels to propel forward. Lean into your strides, and use your arms to help you keep your balance. Bend the elbows and move them back and forward, like running!
  3. Practice your stops. Your right roller skate has a brake, located on the toe. To stop, glide with your skates parallel to each other. Stay in a squatting position and lean slightly forward. Put your right skate slightly in front of the left skate, lift the toe of the right skate, and press down hard on the toe. The harder you press, the faster you’ll stop. Don’t hesitate or you might lose your balance!

And there you have it! The best way to practice is by doing, so visit us at Skateland! We always have public skating available. Get everyone involved and book a party with us!

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