Keeping Your Kids Safe in Public

Children in public Attention Parents:

We take pride in being a clean, fun, safe environment for people of all ages, but not everyone has the same good intentions for your children. Check out these quick tips that will aid in keeping your children safe at Skateland.

Never leave young children unsupervised in play areas, or even rolling around the rink-not even for a few minutes-it just takes seconds for something to go wrong.

If you’re at a crowded session, it’s probably best to keep infants and babies in strollers. When leaving, don’t take for granted the power the holding your child’s hand. It only takes a moment, or one shiny item for toddlers to wander off.

As soon as your kiddo is old enough, teach them their full name, address, phone number and your full name so that if they’re ever in trouble, they can be helped.

Are your children familiar with the phrase “stranger danger?” It’s best to begin teaching your children personal safety rules at the age of two or three. This will help with teaching your child not to walk off with another other than you. This is important for keeping your child safe in a crowded place.

Following these steps will help with keeping your children safe while having fun at our facility and later in life.

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