Maintain those Roller Skates!

Roller Skates

There’s nothing much better than hitting the rink with a well functioning and smooth pair of skates! Here, at Skateland in Bradford, Massachusetts, we whole heartedly believe this! A smooth roll doesn’t come without a little maintenance though. If you are in an endless quest for that great skate, here are some things to pay attention to.

First Things First

Upon buying a new pair of skates, there are a few things to address before lacing up.

  • Check the wheels. Make sure they feel solid and not loose. If they do, you may need to tighten the nuts on the wheels a little bit.
  • Adjust the toe stop to a height that is comfortable to you.
  • Make sure the trucks are secured firmly to the roller skate.

Post-skate Checklist

Every time you act on that urge to skate, check a few things afterwards.

  • Have the wheels of your roller skates become loose? If so, be sure to tighten them to avoid it being dangerous.
  • If you rolled through a puddle or spilled drink, check to see if your bearings are wet afterwards. They WILL rust if left alone. Dry the skates with a rag and clean any muck accumulated with rubbing alcohol.

Additional Skate Maintenance

  • If your ride isn’t as smooth as it was, it’s is time to check the bearings. It might just need a little added lubrication.
  • Take your skates apart and clean them. This means removing the bearings, because if you are using dish soap it can damage them. So, clean the skate and once it is dry replace the bearings.
  • If those are a smelling a little funky, odors can be removed. Sprinkle some baking soda inside the skates and leave the insole out in the sun to dry out. This should eliminate the smell.

If you pay attention to the care of your roller skates, they can last for years to come. If you are looking to give your freshly maintained skates a spin, come visit us in the rink!

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