Make Learning Fun at Skateland!

kids reading outsideWinter break is sort of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, kids are excited to get time off school! On the other hand, parents and teachers dread the tendency for students to forget some of what they learned. This is usually called “Summer Slide,” since it’s most pronounced after the summer holidays, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen during the winter. Check out some tips from Skateland in Bradford, MA to keep kids learning during winter break and all year long.

Go on an Adventure Anywhere

Parents can encourage reading by making sure kids have access to books they will enjoy that are also appropriate to their age and reading level. Talk to your local librarian for suggestions–making recommendations is their specialty! Reading together is a great way to introduce young kids or struggling readers to the fun of a great story. If your kids are reluctant, look for tie-in books to movies and characters they already enjoy.

Get Creative with Math and Science

Encourage math and science by getting kids to help with cooking, baking, and shopping. These simple activities are the most common day-to-day use of things like measurements, budgeting, pricing, discounts, and more. Real-world applications give kids a reason to want to learn! Remember that you’re the best example your kids have. If they see you enjoying books, crossword puzzles, math games, and more, they’ll find themselves interested in these things as well.

Don’t forget that exercise is great for the brain as well as the body. Join us at Skateland for our public skate sessions to jump-start the learning process!

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