More Skates, New You!

2016 is almost here! As usual, it will probably take a month or so to get used to using the new year whennew year 2016 dating checks and other things. This year, however, let’s not wait a month or two to get used to our new year’s resolutions! Every year individulas make promises to themselves to accomplish certain things in the new year. These promises range from spending more time with family to being more diligent at work or school. We can’t help you with these, but if your resolution this year is to exercise and get in shape, we’ve got your back! Skateland, located in Haverhill, MA, is the perfect destination to acheive your fitness goals in the new year, and here’s why!

  • Great Exercise –  Did you know that roller skating is recommended by the American Heart Association as a great aerobic workout? In fact, you can burn as much as 600 calories during one hour in the rink!
  • Stick with it – So many people are motivated to workout at the beginning of the year, but not many actually stick with it. That is why it is important to find an exercise you enjoy! And what’s better than roller skating!
  • Affordable – Joining a gym can be a hefty monthly expense. Not to mention the start up fees and equipment you might need to purchase. Well, roller skating has done it again! Going to the rink is a really great way to exercise and not deplete your bank account.

So is this the perfect exercise, or is this the perfect exercise?? If this sounds like the perfect way to meet your fitness goals, check out our hours and plan your next visit!


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