Outsmart Your Kids Out of Eating Junk Food

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? National Nutrition Month is a way for parents and educators to work together, share knowledge, and invest in the health of their kids. Simply shoving vegetables onto your child’s plate won’t help (if it does, consider us jealous). So how can you teach your kids to eat healthier?

4 Tips for Improving Kids’ Eating Habits

  1. boy eating kiwiStop saying “can’t.” You know that feeling when you start a new diet? You tell yourself “no pizza” and suddenly all you can think about is pizza? It’s the same with kids. Instead of placing restrictions on what they eat, teach them to make smarter choices. You can make pizza a reward for an afternoon of exercise or allow them dessert, but only if they finish their veggies.
  2. Cook with your kids. Not only does cooking help kids engage with the meal, it allows them to offer input about foods they like and don’t like.
  3. Give them a choice. How can you let kids control their diets without devouring every sugary snack in sight? Give them a choice between several healthier treats. You’ll teach them healthy habits, and they won’t feel strong armed into eating something they hate.
  4. Let them reap the consequences. Did your child eat too much cake at a birthday party? Point out that their tummy ache was caused by all that sugar. Next time they’ll be less tempted to reach for that second slice.

Good food isn’t the only way to improve your kids’ health. Regular exercise keeps kids physically and mentally fit. Looking for family fun that will keep your kids active? Visit Skateland!

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