Quick tips for building the perfect roller skate

If you want to show off your personal style, building your own roller skate may be the way to go. Here’s everything you need to know about building your perfect skate.


  • Inline skate bearingsShoes – Customizing your roller skate starts with the shoe. A good place to start building your perfect roller skate is Southeastern Skate Supply.
  • Plates – Next, choose your plate. Plates are necessary to connect your boot to your wheels. Plates are normally sold in pairs and customers can select if you want to include a toe stop or not. If you know how to stop without using your toe stop, then you may choose to not have a toe stop. You then will decided if you want your skates to be built with precision or loose-ball trucks. Many new skaters select plates with trucks designed for precision bearings because they are low-maintenance and give customers a larger wheel selection.  
  • Wheels – Choosing the perfect wheels depends on your roller skating habits. If you enjoy rolling fast, a speed wheel is what you’re looking for, but if you’re a beginner, you may find that recreational wheels better fit your pace. If you plan on taking your skates outside, an outside wheel is your bestfriend.
  • Bearings – Choosing your bearings are as crucial as choosing the your skate. Every pair of skates needs a set of bearings. Bearings connect the wheels to the main part of the skate, and are a fundamental part of the roller skate. There are two types of bearings, sealed or shielded bearings. Sealed bearings protect against water and grime while shield bearings are not water or dust proof. Shield bearings require maintenance and cleaning over time.

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