Renting vs. Buying: Which One Wins For You?

Rental Roller Skates

From week to week, there are a lot of people that walk through the doors of Skateland. We have everyone from people who have never been in a rink a day in their life, to seasoned veterans. Each individual skater has their own specific preferences. Some people like to jam skate, while other like to casually roll around rink. Some are die hard quad skaters, and others prefer inline. Skateland is always happy to rent out a pair of skates, but some skaters prefer to have their own. If you can’t decide whether or not to purchase your own skates, check out this list of pros and cons for each!


  • If you have a young child, he/she is going to go through many growth spurts. A skate that you buy today may not fit tomorrow!
  • Don’t need to worry about bringing your skates from home. You’ll always have a pair of skates here!
  • If you only skate every so often (and why would you, it’s so much fun!) it might save you the big expensive of owning your own.


  • If you are an avid roller skater, you can save a little extra money! While it is more expensive to purchase skates in the beginning, over time you’ll save more money.
  • One big advantage of buying your own skates is that you have the opportunity to select a pair that best fits your own feet. If comfort is a big thing for you, buying a pair is the way to go.
  • It comes with added bonus of picking out a style that best suits you! Red skates, green skates, blue skates or whatever you like! Everyone has their own traits that make them unique, and buying skates gives you the opportunity to express that!

Photo Credit: Flickr CC 2.0 via Emily Mills

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