Roll on into Summer!


The school year has finally wrapped up here in Bradford, Massachusetts, and the summer break has begun. With the stresses of the school year behind us, we can finally relax and enjoy some much deserved time off! With the freedom of summer, what will you do to enjoy yourself? If you are looking for a way to get away from the heat of the sun, we invite you to join us here at Skateland!

Why Skate Over the Summer?

  1. Exercise – It is easy to let exercise fall by the wayside with so much extra time on our hands. Roller skating is a really fun exercise recommended by the American Heart Association. Make exercise a blast this summer!
  2. Boredom – If the summer begins to loose its luster, and your kids run out of things to do, roller skating is a really fun way to cure the boredom, and beat the heat at the same time!
  3. Family – Roller skating can be a really fun family activity for everyone. Food, drinks and roller skating? Sounds great to us!
  4. Have a birthday over the summer?? Well, firstly, happy birthday! A roller skating birthday is a great way to ring in another year, and our staff would love to have you!

Check out our hours, and plan a visit with us today!

Photo Credit: Jamie McCaffrey via Flickr 

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