Roller Skating: A Super Smooth Date!

Are you thinking of asking someone out? Is looking for the best first date idea giving you fits? Forget the boring movies, skip the crowded restaurant, and bring your date to Skateland in Bradford, MO! Roller skating makes a great first date. Check out all the reasons why:

  • woman smiling on dateIt’s Easy to Get Chatty. Since roller skating comes with a built-in activity, great music, arcade games, tasty snacks, and a ton of fun nostalgia, you won’t have to struggle to come up with topics of conversation. No more awkward small talk for you!
  • It’s Casual… Above all else, skating is about having fun! Since many adults haven’t been skating in a long time, there’s no pressure to impress with your skating skills. You and your date can relax and get to know each other without feeling stifled by the overly-formal atmosphere of a restaurant.
  • …But it’s Thoughtful. A trip to Skateland shows that you’ve invested time and thought into picking a unique and fun activity for this date. What better way to show off your creativity in a no-pressure way?
  • Affordable, but Not Cheap. A trip to Skateland for our 18+ Adult Night is only $10 per person, with skate rental only $3 extra. Other open skate sessions are even less. A great first date doesn’t have to break the bank!

Roller skating has been popular with couples for decades. Next time you’re looking for a unique first date idea with a touch of nostalgia, come down to Skateland in Bradford, MO and see why!

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