Roller Skating: Different Strokes for Different Folks

If you have spent any amount of time in the rink, you’ll know one thing for certain. Everyone has their inline skates own way of roller skating. Some like to cruise and take a leisurely glide around the rink, while others enjoy something that looks more like jam skating. Even taking stock of everyone on the rink floor excludes skaters who enjoy skating on the street or elsewhere. Taking all of these different approaches to skating into account, it is important to realize that some skates are better than others depending on what your skating journey might be. But how do you choose? Skateland, located in Haverhill, MA, is here to help. Find out which skate best suites you in this week’s post!

Quad Skate

  • The quad skate is what many avid rink goers gravitate to.
  • Need a little more stability? This is the skate for you! The way the 4 wheels are situated on the skate makes for a wider grip on the ground.
  • Is cruising your thing? Quad skate are not built for the speed that an inline skate is. So if jamming around the rink is what your after, then look no further than quad skates.
  • If your ankles need a little more support during physical activity, the quad may not offer what you need.

Inline Skate

  • If you feel the need for speed, inline skates might be what you need! Inline skate are used in speed competitions because of their more stream-line design.
  • If you are the kind of person who needs to feel the sun on your face, inline skates are better suited for outdoor fun. they are great for roller hockey and skating on a bumpier surface.
  • Need support for your ankles? Inline skates are made of plastic that comes up higher on your leg than a quad skate does.
  • While inline skates are easy to get the hang of if you practice enough, they do tend to be a little less stable than a quad skate. If stability is something you need, inlines might not be for you.

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