Roller Skating is a Great Exercise for Adults

As we get older it becomes harder and harder to stay active. With long stressful days at work, looming inline skatingdeadlines and if you have kids, forget it. And though it’s difficult, it is important to our health to stay active as we age. Staying motivated to make it to the gym week after week can prove to be challenging. It is important to find something that both fits into a hectic schedule and is also easy to stick with in the months to come. There are many fun activities out there that will be great to keep you active, but our favorite is, of course, roller skating! Here at Skateland in Haverhill, MA, we promote the fun of skating as well as its health benefits. See why you should consider roller skating to help keep you active!

  • Easy to Stick With – It’s important that when you exercise, you find an activity that you can enjoy. Doing an activity you despise to get into shape makes it much easier to slack on.
  • Great Workout in Short Time – Just an 30 minute laid back skate session can burn as much as 250 calories.
  • Easy on the Joints – Roller skating has the same benefits as jogging and it is much easier on the joints. It’s no secret that getting older comes with its aches and pains, so it is important to find a low-impact activity to stay in shape.
  • Affordable – Roller skating won’t break the bank either. A gym membership can sometimes cost an arm and a leg, but visiting the rink will help get you into shape with money to spare.

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