Roller Skating Safety Tips for Kids

Safety. It’s a word that pops into the minds of parents across the globe when it comes to their child safety children. And as much as parents would like to be there whenever their kid falters or falls, that isn’t always possible. This fact reigns true for many things, but it is also true in the roller rink. Roller skating is a great way for any kid to be social, learn some independence and participate in some form of regular physical activity. But even with all of these positives, roller skating doesn’t come with its fair share of tumbles and falls. Ensuring your child is equipped with the proper safety accessories and measures is key. Skateland located in Bradford, MA is here with everything you will need to keep your child safe in the rink.

  • Helmet – Head injuries are all too common within the world of sports and physical activities. If there was one piece of safety equipment to keep in the inventory, this would be the most important. Be sure the helmet fits snugly on the head and covers a good majority of the front and back of the head.
  • Proper Skates – Skates are not a one size and style fits all kind of thing. When purchasing a pair of skates be sure that the skates are comfortable and don’t slip while rolling around. Make sure brakes and wheels are secure before each session.
  • Appropriate Clothing – Clothing can serve a few different purposes when hitting the rink. One purpose can be to avoid unnecessary scrapes and bruise. If this is a major concern, wear long sleeves and pants to mitigate little injuries. Another thing to pay attention to is especially relevant to the pants. If pants are worn while roller skating, be sure they are not too long to avoid getting caught in the wheels.
  • Pads – Another major source of injury while roller skating comes from elbows, knees and wrists. Elbow pads, knee pads and wrist braces are great pieces of equipment to keep in the rink bag.

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