Roller Skating

Roller skating is a fun, exciting entertainment for the entire family!  Skateland has been providing a safe environment to skate in the Merrimack Valley for almost 65 years.  We have about 13000 sq ft of Canadian Hard Rock Maple for a skating floor.  It’s the best floor in the region.

Roller skating great exercise, burning up to 600 calories per hour! Roller Skating provides a complete aerobic workout and involves all of the body’s muscle groups, and causes 50% less impact on joints compared to running.  Moderate skating for 30 minutes increases the heart rate to 140-160 bpm.  You and your children will stay in shape without even realizing it… because it’s pure fun.

We rent quad roller skates, and inlines (aka rollerblades).  We also rent Skatemate Trainers for beginners (think; walkers with wheels).  If you have skates, you’re more then welcome to bring your own.  We do check them to make sure they are rink-safe.

We host fantastic Birthday Parties, and we offer the rink for Private Birthday Parties & many other skating events, such as: School’s, PTA/PTO’s, Churches, Girl Scouts, you name it, we can host your Skating Party!

We have a full snack bar with food & drink, an Arcade, candy counter, and a skate shop where you can purchase skates.