Seven reasons to have your birthday party at Skateland


Roller skating parties are a classic way to celebrate a birthday or even a retirement. No matter what the occasion is, the party pros have got you coveredCandles. Here are seven reasons to book your next party at Skateland.

  1. Party with the pros. – We have a friendly and experienced staff. We do all the work so you can party, so why not party with the pros?
  2. You pick the music. – We play the latest hits and allow YOU to pick the music format.
  3. Private party area – It’s just like VIP because the birthday boy/girl is of course a very important person, so you should feel like one.
  4. Snack bar – Yes, that’s right, a full snack bar. We also have a novelty shop equipped with candy, toys and skate supplies.
  5. Bring ALL your friends. – We mean that, bring all of your friends! We can accommodate any size party group. (All parties require reservation)
  6. No age restriction – We proudly accommodate any age group because you’re never too old to party with the pros.
  7. Roller skating is fun and healthy. – Roller skating is recognized as a top aerobic exercise by the American Heart Association and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.


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