Skating Themed Costumes for Halloween!

Halloween costume

It’s October which means it’s time for goodies, ghouls and good times! Sometimes, picking out the perfect costume for Halloween can be tough, though. Whether you’re having a mental block or have too many ideas to choose from, it happens. That’s why we wanted to give you a few fun suggestions before you come hang out with us at Skateland in Bradford this Halloween.

We’re obviously fans of skating-themed costumes over here, so check out these ideas!

  • Disco Roller – It’s time to break out the silk shirts and bellbottoms, throw on a headscarf or an ascot and get ready to boogie all night long!
  • Roller Derby Girl – All you need for this one is a pair of athletic shorts, your favorite jersey, a headband and some attitude.
  • Roller Skating Waitress – Why not throw it back to the days when you could get a burger and a shake delivered to your car window by a server on skates? Make sure to get an apron and a small notebook to take down all the orders of fun you’re going to get!
  • Olympic Skater – With the winter Olympics coming up, what better time to show Team USA some love and dress up as an Olympic skater? Whether you like speed skating or figure skating, you’re sure to be a hit at our skating center.

These are just a handful of ideas but there a million more out there that don’t necessarily have anything to do with skating. After all, it’s all about having a good time. The important thing to remember is to swing by and party with us at Skateland this Halloween! We have full concessions, private parties are available, and we’ll be playing great skating games all month long!

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