Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Skate

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Whether you’re kids are interested in traditional quad skates or they want to learn rollerblading, skating is a timeless activity that is fun and easy to pick up. Check out some of these helpful tips for teaching your kids how to skate, then come to Skateland in Bradford, Mass., and get rolling!

Equipment Check

All you really need to get out in the rink and start having fun is a pair of skates that fit well. Make sure to lace them up tight, but not too tight, and you’re ready to hit the rink. If you’re more comfortable with your child using pads, our pro shop has everything you need to ensure your little one is protected.

Proper Skating Posture is Key

Next to having skates that fit, balance is the most critical part of skating. To help find balance, start by placing your feet shoulder width apart. Next, make sure you bend at the knees as you stand upright. Don’t worry if you feel off balance or if you have to sit back down and try again. It can take a few tries before you start to feel comfortable standing in skates.

You’ll probably find that it’s easier to keep your balance when you’re moving. Try lightly pushing off the wall and rolling. Keep your knees bent and use your arms to help you maintain balance.

Feel the Glide

As you start to feel more comfortable standing up and slowly rolling in your skate, you can try to start gliding. To start a glide, push to the side and back with whichever foot your feel comfortable with. While you push with that foot, keep your other foot straight and let it glide across the floor. After your first push, you’ll want to push in the same way with your other foot and let the opposite skate glide across the floor.

You’re Skating!

It’s just that easy! But remember that it takes time and everyone learns at different speeds. You can do it so don’t give up!

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