What Type of Skater Are You?

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It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, roller skating can provide endless fun for everyone. But choosing the right skate can be tricky with all the options out there these days. Whether you’re into racing, skating outside, joining a roller derby club or are just starting out, the type of skates you use plays a huge roll in how much you get out of your time on wheels.

Check out these 4 common types of skates to help you narrow down the style that fits your needs, then roll over to our pro shop at Skateland in Bradford, Mass, and find the perfect fit!

Recreational Quad Skates

This skate style offers a high top, lace up shoe that is meant to provide extra support for people who want to exercise, roll around for fun or are just starting out. They are a ton of fun either indoor at a rink or outdoors.

Inline Skates

Also known as rollerblades, inline skates are a ton of fun and can be used for everything from speed skating, tricks, roller hockey and recreational/exercise.

Racing/Speed Skates

Just like the name implies, these skates are meant to go FAST! The shoe is usually low cut and fits snuggly with an aerodynamic shape to reduce wind resistance. They allow much more movement because of the ankle freedom they provide and are also often used for skate dancing as well as speed skating.

Roller Derby Skates

Roller Derby has been growing in popularity since the 1930s, and over the years the skates have adapted to be rugged and tough enough to handle being crashed and banged time and time again. If you’ve ever considered trying the sport, swing by our roller rink in Bradford, MA, and check it out!

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